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BioExtratus - Finisher Blond Bioreflex Desamarelador ( 200ml )

The finalizer Bioreflex Desamarelador of special Bioextratus Blond hair, bleached blonde, with secti..


BioExtratus - Pre Shampoo Peeling Detox Detox Revitalising

Pre Detox Detoxification Peeling Revitalising Shampoo of Bioxtratus is an Exfoliating Scrub to the s..


BioExtratus - BioExtratus - Emulsion Magic 60 Seconds Repositor Mass Capillary

Magic 60 Seconds Construction emulsion Capillary Mass Rescue Specialiste Bioextratus is an instant c..


BioExtratus - Bone Marrow and Ceramides Conditioner Treatment for dry hair (250ml)

Marrow conditioner and dry hair treatment of Ceramides Bioextratus is a cream for dry hair treatment..


BioExtratus - Conditioner Blond BIOREFLEX No Salt Desamarelador (250ml)

Blond BIOREFLEX conditioner Desamarelador Bio Extratus especially for blond hair, bleached, with hig..


BioExtratus - Conditioner Go Wash cleaning for Perfect Curls (270ml)

Go Wash cleaning conditioner Curls of Bioextratus Botica is a ph 4.5 special cream for perfect curls..


BioExtratus - Conditioner Rescue Damaged Hair Treatment Mass Repositor

Chemically damaged Hair Rescue Treatment conditioner At mass Bioextratus Specialiste, composed of Mi..


BioExtratus - Cream Bath Mask with Marrow , ceramides and shea butter (250gr)

Bath shade of cream with Marrow, Ceramides and shea butter from the Bioextratus is an intensive trea..


BioExtratus - Cream with Silicone Tutano without Rinse (250ml)

Silicone cream with Marrow without Rinse of Bioextratus is a finalizer that revitalizes, back off, g..

13.79€ 14.99€

BioExtratus - Detoxification Detox Mask Revitalising (250gr)

Revitalizing Detox Bioextratus Detox mask is a mask Specialiste Detox with a formula that combines t..


Bioextratus - Fall Conditioner with Jaborandi and Vitamins ( 250ml )

Anti-fall conditioner with Jaborandi, Rosemary, Extract and vitamins A, B and e of Bioextratus, cond..


Bioextratus - Fall Shampoo with vitamins and Jaborandi (250 ml )

Shampoo anti loss with Jaborandi, Rosemary, Extract and vitamins A, B and e of Bioextratus cleans an..


BioExtratus - Finisher Curls Cream Parfaits In Poo Poo Low (150gr)

Finalizer Cream Perfect Curls In Low Poo Poo of Bioextratus Botica composed of vegetable microq..


BioExtratus - Finisher Plus Noni (150ml)

The finalizer Noni Plus Bio Extratus for color-treated hair forms a film on the hair that protects a..


BioExtratus - Finisher Plus Noni (150ml)

The finalizer Noni Plus Bio Extratus for color-treated hair forms a film on the hair that protects a..


BioExtratus - Finisher Termoprotector Detox Detoxification (200gr)

Revitalizing Detox Detox thermal overload protector the finalizer Bioextratus Specialiste is a finis..


BioExtratus - Humidifier Curls Activator Biottano (150ml)

Humidifier Biottano Snails activator of Bioextratus no rinse. Moisturizes and reduces the volum..

11.82€ 12.99€

BioExtratus - Keratin Hair Net reconstruction Pure damaged (100ml)

Pure Liquid keratin reconstruction of damaged hair from Bioextratus to rebuild damaged hair Restruct..


BioExtratus - Liquid Crystal Noni Plus Frizzy Hair Pintados (60ml)

Noni Liquid Crystal Plus Antifrizz hair painted special Bioextratus is a glow without rinse antifriz..


BioExtratus - Liquid Crystal Queravit (60ml)

Liquid Crystal Queravit of Bioextratus sealer tips antifrizz Queravit line features an excellent res..


BioExtratus - Mask Bioreflex Blond (250ml)

The Blond BIOREFLEX Mask moisturizes and nourishes deeply the wires, retrieves the health and natura..


BioExtratus - Mega Queravit Spray with Argan and Keratin for cauterization and Finishing (250ml)

Mega Queravit Spray with Argan oil and keratin to Cauterization and completion of Bioextratus is a t..


BioExtratus - Moisturizing Shampoo Queravit for damaged hair . No salt (250ml)

Queravit Moisturizing shampoo for damaged hair without salt Bio Extratus is a gentle cleansing shamp..


BioExtratus - Noni Plus Conditioner (200ml)

Noni Bio Plus conditioner for normal hair is painted Extratus Rico in cationic agents and emollients..


BioExtratus - Noni Plus Mask dyed hair (250gr)

The Noni Plus Mask for color-treated hair Bio Extratus promotes an intensive treatment that restores..


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