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Amacihair Smoothing Moroccan Argan Oil with guanidine ( 400gr )

Amacihair Moroccan Argan Oil hair straightening with Guanidine of Embelleze is a straightening smoot..


Keratin Liquid Misuke Reconstruction of Professional wires ( 250ml )

Liquid keratin Misuke Reconstruction of the deep Penentração and Embelleze professional results sinc..


Novex - Spray Temptation Acid with Apple Vinegar

Spray Acid Temptation with Apple Cider vinegar Novex of Embelleze is a condition without rinse no sa..


Novex brush Moroccan Nutrilizz with Argan oil 1L

Brush Nutrilizz with Moroccan Argan oil 1 l of Embelleze professional use enriched with liquid gold ..


Novex Combing Cream Coconut Oil 300ml

Description A leave-in cream with antioxidant action that creates a protective layer over hair ..


Novex Conditioner Ojon Revitay High Restoration Impact 300 ml

Ojon oil conditioner restoration of high impact Novex of Embelleze reverses the damage to hair fiber..


Novex Dex5 D- panthenol Super Hydration Shampoo without Salt 200 ml

Shampoo Revitay Novex Dex5 D-Panthenol Super Hydration Without Salt the Embelleze is ..

5.93€ 6.90€

Novex Hair Moisturizer with Vitamin A Novex To Bombar ( 60ml )

Eyeshadow capillary solution moisturizer with vitamin A Novex To Pumping of Embelleze is a vitamin s..


Novex Masc Olive Oil 1Kg

Novex Embelleze mask olive oil is a ultra deep treatment cream especially indicated for dry hair.&nb..


Novex Shampoo Broto Bamboo Bamboo without Salt Strength and Growth 200 ml

Shampoo without Salt bamboo shoot Growth and strength of hair treated Embelleze Novex, nourished and..


Novex Shampoo Revitay fruit citrus without ideal salt Oily Hair 300ml

Shampoo Novex Unsalted citrus fruits ideal oily hair is an ideal shampoo for oily hair without Parab..


Novex Shampoo Revitay Jaborandi without Salt Growth Renovator 300ml

Unsalted shampoo Jaborandi Renewing Growth Novex of Embelleze is a salt consisting of shampoo Jabora..


Novex shield Capillary Oil Argan 200grs

Shielding Marrocan Argan oil Hair Treatment Pre brush Sealant Novex Salon Embelleze is a leave in tr..


Shampoo Revitay Brazilian Keratin without salt 300 ml

Shampoo Novex Brazilian Keratin Revitay without salt is a repair and protection shampoo for normal h..


Treatment Sealant Pre Brush Hair Salon Shielding Novex Embelleze 400ml

Sealant treatment Pre Brush Hair Shielding Novex Salon with Brazilian Keratin Leave In the etching c..

9.81€ 10.90€

Treatment Ultra Deep Bombar Pump D panthenol and vitamin A 1 kg

Ultraprofundo Treatment cream For Pumping Pump Treatment with Panthenol and vitamin A Novex of Embel..


Amacihair relaxation system and softening (400gr)

Amacihair relaxing and softening system Embelleze no smell, no soda, neutralizing waiver, and seawee..


Combing Cream African Style Hair for Curls Afro (500 gr)

Combing cream Afro Style Hair to Afro of Curls Embelleze is a finalizer cream with argan oil and fla..


Max Keratin Reconstructor Novex Super Concentrate Hydrolyzed Keratin

Max Keratin Reconstructor Super concentrated Keratin Novex Hydrolyzed the Embelleze is a product tha..


Novex - All Good Mask Novex Mulifunctional Embelleze

All the best Mask Novex of Multifunction Embelleze without sulfates, silicones, Parabens and petrola..


Novex - Coconut Mask Oil Slick Perfect and Absolute Nutrition 1Kg

Novex Coconut oil Smooth Mask Perfect and absolute Nutrition Embelleze is a ultraprofundo treatment ..


Novex - Mask the Mighty Charcoal Novex Embelleze

Mighty Mask activated charcoal Novex of anti-pollution Embelleze, purification, restoration and prot..


Novex - Novex - Mask Apple Vinegar 1 kg

Novex apple cider vinegarIt's for a long time we know that Apple Cider vinegar is great for your hai..


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