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Casco de Cavalo - Softener Cuticle

Cuticle softener Horse Hoof, presents in its composition, almond oil that has great nutritive and so..


Casco de Cavalo - Hand Cream

Hand and nail cream Horse Hoof, prolonged action moisturizer with keratin, which provides a silky to..


Casco de Cavalo - Base Empowering

Horse hoof Strengthener with vitamin B5 that strengthens, hydrates, restores, softens and smoothes y..


Casco de Cavalo - Base Hardening

Base Cure With calcium and D-Panthenol Hull Horse which helps in recovering the nails and makes them..


Casco de Cavalo - Clove Oil

Horse Hoof oil has an excellent resilience of the imperfections of the nails. Is indicated for ..


Casco de Cavalo - Maru banana oil

Banana oil Maru cuticle softener varnish that has constituted Banana oil and Castor oil, restoring t..


Casco de Cavalo - Vitalizing nail

Horse Hoof nail vitalizing, oossui constituted castor oil, which retrieves the epidermal layers of f..


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