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Avani - Massage Oil Biphasic Chocolate and pepper

The Biphasic Chocolate Massage oil and pepper of Avani is a Professional revitalizing moisturizing b..

12.51€ 13.90€

Andreia - Mint Oil

 Andrea Mint oil with a mild formula, light, non-greasy and refreshing, this oil with emollient..


Andreia - Prepil gel before depilation (250ml)

Prepil to gel before shaving with menthol and camphor Andrea is a product specific pré-depilatório f..


Avani - Massage Oil with Argan Oil and Soy

Oil massage with Argan oil and soybeans from Avani is a Professional oil specially formulated for th..

12.51€ 13.90€

Choco Ice - Spray Lotion Tonic Biphasic Refreshing Post Waxing

Choco Ice spray tonic lotion biphasic post depilation is a refreshing tonic light texture, as it doe..


Andreia - Hair Retardant Milk (150ml)

Andrea Hair retardant milk with Sweet Almonds, Aloe Vera and Papaya; This hair growth retardant..


Andreia - Post- Waxing Andreia Milk (150ml)

Leite Pós-Depilação com Aloe Vera, Mentol e Camomila da Andreia caracterizado para peles mais oleosa..


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