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Avani - Massage Oil Biphasic Chocolate and pepper

The Biphasic Chocolate Massage oil and pepper of Avani is a Professional revitalizing moisturizing b..

12.51€ 13.90€

Andreia - Mint Oil

 Andrea Mint oil with a mild formula, light, non-greasy and refreshing, this oil with emollient..


Andreia - Prepil gel before depilation (250ml)

Prepil to gel before shaving with menthol and camphor Andrea is a product specific pré-depilatório f..


Andreia - Remains Wax Remover material , floor and clothes (250ml)

Remains of wax Remover material, floor and Andrea easily removes wax residue in Foundrymen, floor an..


Beauty Banana Tin Wax (800ml)

Can Banana wax Beauty Image is enriched with essential oil of titanium dioxide and is highly focused..

8.46€ 9.50€

Beauty Mel Tin Wax (800ml)

Can Honey wax Beauty Image wax is a Natural formulated based on Tibia resins of PIN. It is indi..

8.46€ 9.50€

Bedsheet Marquesa

Marquise sheet, box of 24 units.1 unit (s ) = 1.00 €Additional product informationQuantityBox of 24&..


Box Roll Marquesa Professional 6 units

Roll box Marquesa 6 Professional units of soft tissue approximately 120metros, is a special promotio..


Choco Ice - Spray Lotion Tonic Biphasic Refreshing Post Waxing

Choco Ice spray tonic lotion biphasic post depilation is a refreshing tonic light texture, as it doe..


Disposable caps Professional package (100 units )

Professional Disposable Caps 100 Pack units suitable for aesthetic and professional offices.1 u..


Hair Removal Machine Roll on Double

Roll on Waxing machine, Modular-based Duo 2 more epilators 50WAdditional product informationBenefits..


Hot wax discs Honey Beauty Image (1kg)

Hot wax Records of honey Beauty Image 1 kg is formulated resins based PIN. It is indicated for ..

8.99€ 9.99€

Hot Wax Special Discs Man Beauty Image (1kg)

Hot wax Records especially for Man of Beauty Image 1 kg specially formulated to an effective hair re..

8.99€ 9.99€

Roll -on Wax Beauty Man Image (110ml)


2.15€ 2.39€

Roll -on Wax Chocolate Beauty Image (110ml)

Wax roll-on Chocolate Beauty Image of 110 ml enriched with cocoa and sweet almond oil. The bene..

2.15€ 2.39€

Roll -on Wax Green Apple Beauty Image Allergic Skins (110ml)

Roll-on wax Apple green Beauty Image Allergic Skins of 110 formulated with synthetic resin especiall..


Roll -on Wax Lavender Beauty Image of (110ml)

Wax roll-on Lavender Beauty Image of 110 ml indicated especially for sensitive skins. Maximum g..

2.15€ 2.39€

Roll -on wax Lemon Beauty Image Allergic Skins (110ml)

Roll-on wax Lemon synthetic Beauty Image especially for Allergic Skins of 110 formulated with synthe..


Roll -on Wax Tutti Frutti Beauty Image (110ml)

Wax roll-on Tutti Fruti Beauty Image of 110 ml enriched with a combination of essential oils from fr..

2.15€ 2.39€

Soft Paper Marquesa roll about (120m)

Marquise roll of soft tissue with a very comfortable touch has approximately 120 metresAdditional pr..


Thongs Disposable package (100 units)

Black Disposable thongs 100 Pack units suitable for aesthetic and professional offices.1 unit (s ) =..


Waxing rolls box of 100 meters with 12 units

Hair removal roller box of 100 meters with 12 units of Tessiline, has a special price since it is ta..


Andreia - Hair Retardant Milk (150ml)

Andrea Hair retardant milk with Sweet Almonds, Aloe Vera and Papaya; This hair growth retardant..


Andreia - Post- Waxing Andreia Milk (150ml)

Leite Pós-Depilação com Aloe Vera, Mentol e Camomila da Andreia caracterizado para peles mais oleosa..


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