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Spirit - Dryer Professional 2000 Watt

Professional Spirit 2000 Watt dryer promotion is a professional dryer with an alternating current, A..


Amacihair Smoothing Moroccan Argan Oil with guanidine ( 400gr )

Amacihair Moroccan Argan Oil hair straightening with Guanidine of Embelleze is a straightening smoot..


Babyliss Pro - Board Dry & Straighten special to damp or dry hair

Babyliss Pro Dry & Straighten Board especially for wet or dry hair coated with Titanium and tech..


Babyliss Pro - Dryer Ferrari Compact 2200W

Ferrari dryer Babyliss Pro Compact 2200W composed of a V12 engine AC made in collaboration with Ferr..


Babyliss Pro - FX660SE Professional Cutting Machine 6500rpm

Babyliss Pro Professional cutting machine FX660SE of 6500rpm is a complete professional and cutting ..


Babyliss Pro - Professional dryer Caruso BAB6510IE

Ferrari dryer Babyliss Pro Compact 2200W composed of a V12 engine AC made in collaboration with Ferr..


Babyliss Pro - SP Board Technology 5.0 SunRay 230 Degrees

Board Babyliss Pro SP Technology 5.0 230 Degrees BAB2073EPYE is a SunRay Board Professional with 38 ..


Babyliss Pro - The Board Straightener EP Technology 5.0 BAB2091EPE

Board the Straightener Babyliss PRO 5.0 EP Technology BAB2091EPE smooth perfect in one pass. Th..


Babyliss Pro - The Perfect Curling Machine

The Perfect Curling Machine Babyliss Pro automatic machine for making curls, enables you to make Cur..


Babyliss Pro - Winder Fashion Attitude waves and Caracois 3D Sea waves BAB2369TTE

Winder Babyliss Pro Attitude Fashion waves and Curls Sea Waves 3D BAB2369TTE is a professional swind..


BC Fibre Force Keratin - Keratin bulb BC Fibre Force Fortifier Infusion (15ml)

Amp Keratin Infusion of Fibre Force BC Fortifying Schwarzkopf Professional restructures hair instant..


BC Repair Rescue - Spray Conditioner Repair Rescue Intense Repair Damaged Hair (200ml)

Intense Repair Rescue Conditioner spray for damaged hair from Schwarzkopf Professional super-lightwe..


BC Repair Rescue - Conditioner Repair Rescue Cell Perfector Damaged Hair (200ml)

Repair Rescue conditioner Cell Perfector for damaged hair from Schwarzkopf Professional is composed ..


BC Repair Rescue - Shampoo Repair Rescue Cell Perfector Damaged Hair (250ml)

Rescue Repair shampoo BC of Schwarzkopf Professional for damaged hair Reconstructor is a restorative..


BioExtratus - Finisher Blond Bioreflex Desamarelador ( 200ml )

The finalizer Bioreflex Desamarelador of special Bioextratus Blond hair, bleached blonde, with secti..


BioExtratus - Pre Shampoo Peeling Detox Detox Revitalising

Pre Detox Detoxification Peeling Revitalising Shampoo of Bioxtratus is an Exfoliating Scrub to the s..


Covers paints package fifty units

Inks package covers 50 units suitable for professional hairdressers. We have three colors ..


Esterelizador Germicidal UV lamp for brushes , scissors and combs

Germicidal UV lamp for autoclave brushes, scissors and combs special for hairdressers...


Expert - Loreal Professional Absolut Repair Reconstructor -Sérum Lipidium hair very damaged (50ml)

Sérum Absolut Repair Lipidium hair Reconstructor Damaged the Loreal Professional is a serum for reco..


Glossco - Bleaching Powder Blue Professional 1 kg

Bleaching Powder Blue 1 Kg Professional Glossco of Professional Glossco is a powder bleach reserved ..


Gota Dourada - Serum Straightener Term Strengthening Activator (30 ml)

BEA Gold Activator Term Drop Strengthening for hair with Straightening that forms a protective layer..


Gota Dourada - Shampoo Without Salt Hair Straightening With Golden Drop (430ml)

Shampoo without Salt Golden Drop of Strengthening for hair with Straightening especially developed t..


Hundred Pack Disposable towels Resistant Moisture quality Professional

100 Disposable Towels package Moisture resistant professional quality suitable for Cabeleiereiros an..


Infinium - Loreal Professional - Professional Lacquer Infinium Soft (500ml)

Professional lacquer Infinium Strong the Loreal Professional lacquer infinitely professional, an ico..


Infinium - Loreal Professional - Professional Lacquer Infinium Soft (500ml)

Professional lacquer Infinium Soft the Loreal professional, infinitely lacquer professional, an icon..


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