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Keratin Liquid Misuke Reconstruction of Professional wires ( 250ml )

Liquid keratin Misuke Reconstruction of the deep Penentração and Embelleze professional results sinc..


Shampoo Revitay Brazilian Keratin without salt 300 ml

Shampoo Novex Brazilian Keratin Revitay without salt is a repair and protection shampoo for normal h..


BioExtratus - BioExtratus - Emulsion Magic 60 Seconds Repositor Mass Capillary

Magic 60 Seconds Construction emulsion Capillary Mass Rescue Specialiste Bioextratus is an instant c..


BioExtratus - Keratin Hair Net reconstruction Pure damaged (100ml)

Pure Liquid keratin reconstruction of damaged hair from Bioextratus to rebuild damaged hair Restruct..


BioExtratus - Post Progressive Conditioner with Argan oil ( 250 ml)

Progressive Powders conditioner with Argan oil of Bioextratus promotes intense repair, gives shine a..


BioExtratus - Rescue Mask Repositor Capillary Mass Damaged Hair

Mask-mass Bioextratus Specialiste, composed of Argan and Microqueratina and PH 4.0 is a specialized ..


BioExtratus - Shampoo Without Salt Post Progressive with Argan Oil (250ml)

Shampoo without Salt Bioextratus with Argan Oil Progressive Powders is part of Progressive Powder Li..


Fio Restore - Keratin Liquid Unsalted (300ml)

Unsalted Liquid keratin Restore hair Reconstructor complex Wire with wire, and composed of hydrolyze..


Fio Restore - Restore wire Defrizante Leave in Damaged Hair (300ml)

Restore Defrizzer wire Leave in chemically treated or Damaged Hair with hydrolyzed keratin, progress..


Fio Restore - Conditioner Without Salt Wire Restore Damaged Hair (300ml)

Hair Conditioner Restore Wire damaged hair is a hair conditioner with hair Reconstructor wire comple..


Fio Restore - Shampoo Without Salt Restore Moisturizing Hair damaged wire Progressive (300ml)

Shampoo without Conditioner Restore Damaged Hair Wire Salt Progressive is a salt-free shampoo with h..


Novex Condicionador Broto de Bambu 300 ml

Bamboo conditioner Novex Embelleze strength and growth for treated hair, nourished and with this bam..


Novex shield Capillary Keratin Brazilian 200gr

Capillary Quertaina Leave in Brazilian shield Novex Embelleze is a professional treatment of nutriti..

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Nutrire Argan Oil Frizz Protection 10 ml

Argan oil ampoule Antifrizz serum concentrated Protection Embelezze is a concentrated serum with arg..


Nutrire Argan Oil Frizz Protection 10 ml (6 UNITS)

Argan oil ampoule Antifrizz serum concentrated Protection Embelezze is a concentrated serum with arg..


Recarga de Queratina Novex 80 gr

Keratin Formula concentrated refill immediate result provides a new life to the root hair at tips, k..


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