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BioExtratus - Finisher Blond Bioreflex Desamarelador ( 200ml )

The finalizer Bioreflex Desamarelador of special Bioextratus Blond hair, bleached blonde, with secti..


Gota Dourada - Serum Straightener Term Strengthening Activator (30 ml)

BEA Gold Activator Term Drop Strengthening for hair with Straightening that forms a protective layer..


Gota Dourada - Shampoo Without Salt Hair Straightening With Golden Drop (430ml)

Shampoo without Salt Golden Drop of Strengthening for hair with Straightening especially developed t..


Novex Combing Cream Coconut Oil 300ml

Description A leave-in cream with antioxidant action that creates a protective layer over hair ..


Novex Dex5 D- panthenol Super Hydration Shampoo without Salt 200 ml

Shampoo Revitay Novex Dex5 D-Panthenol Super Hydration Without Salt the Embelleze is ..

5.93€ 6.90€

Novex Shampoo Broto Bamboo Bamboo without Salt Strength and Growth 200 ml

Shampoo without Salt bamboo shoot Growth and strength of hair treated Embelleze Novex, nourished and..


Novex Shampoo Revitay fruit citrus without ideal salt Oily Hair 300ml

Shampoo Novex Unsalted citrus fruits ideal oily hair is an ideal shampoo for oily hair without Parab..


Novex Shampoo Revitay Jaborandi without Salt Growth Renovator 300ml

Unsalted shampoo Jaborandi Renewing Growth Novex of Embelleze is a salt consisting of shampoo Jabora..


Real Natura - Curls Activator Elasticity 500ml

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Collagen, Provitamin B5.ESCRIPTION: activator of curls with dry effect, especial..


Real Natura - PAINTED Conditioner 500ml

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Provitamin B5, Guarana, Ginseng and ginger.DESCRIPTION: Hair Condition..


Real Natura - REVITALIZANTE Conditioner ( Pump ) 500ml

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Vitamins A and B5 + Pitanga and Copaiba oils.Ingredients: Hair Conditi..


Real Natura - Shampoo PRO- DETOX 200ml

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS : Green Clay, Rosemary, Lemon, Mint Pepper. DESCRIPTION : PRO-DETO..


Shampoo Revitay Brazilian Keratin without salt 300 ml

Shampoo Novex Brazilian Keratin Revitay without salt is a repair and protection shampoo for normal h..


Afro Vida - Mask Zero Extreme Salt reduction curly hair (500ml)

Afrovida Zero mask Extreme Salt reduction curly hair with coconut Oil, keratin and disciplinantes po..

12.87€ 13.99€

Afro Vida - Conditioner Zero Salt Hair Curly (300ml)

Afrovida Zero conditioner Salt Curls Extreme Reduction with Coconut oil, keratin and disciplinantes ..

10.11€ 10.99€

Afro Vida - Shampoo Zero Reducer salt Curly (300ml)

Afrovida Zero Salt Reducer shampoo curly hair Extreme Reduction with coconut oil, keratin and discip..

10.11€ 10.99€

Avani - Shampoo Cold Effect Hamamelis No reliever Sal Scalp paraben

Cold shampoo Effect Hamamelis Unsalted reliever of the scalp without parabens of Avani is a shampoo ..


Avani | Cream Rebuilt Hair Sealer 115 ml | Without salt

Serum sealer for capillary wires and open ends.Without salt.DETAILSRepairing serum with immediate ac..


Avani | Damaged Hair Conditioner Rebuild 250 ml | Without salt

For damaged hair that need restructuring. Excellent for restoring and revitalizing extremely damaged..


Avani | Rebuilding Mask Damaged Hair Rebuild 500 ml | Without salt

Hair treatment mask for extremely damaged hair and with excessive technical services. Reconstruction..


Avani | Repairing Shampoo Damaged Hair Rebuild 250 ml | Without salt

Perfect for broken and extremely damaged hair that need a new life.Without salt.DETAILSDeeply recons..


Avani | Repairing Shampoo Damaged Hair Rebuild 500 ml | Without salt

Perfect for broken and extremely damaged hair that need a new life.Without salt.DETAILSDeeply recons..


BioExtratus - Bone Marrow and Ceramides Conditioner Treatment for dry hair (250ml)

Marrow conditioner and dry hair treatment of Ceramides Bioextratus is a cream for dry hair treatment..


BioExtratus - Conditioner Blond BIOREFLEX No Salt Desamarelador (250ml)

Blond BIOREFLEX conditioner Desamarelador Bio Extratus especially for blond hair, bleached, with hig..


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