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BioExtratus - Finisher Blond Bioreflex Desamarelador ( 200ml )

The finalizer Bioreflex Desamarelador of special Bioextratus Blond hair, bleached blonde, with secti..


Keratin Liquid Misuke Reconstruction of Professional wires ( 250ml )

Liquid keratin Misuke Reconstruction of the deep Penentração and Embelleze professional results sinc..


Novex shield Capillary Oil Argan 200grs

Shielding Marrocan Argan oil Hair Treatment Pre brush Sealant Novex Salon Embelleze is a leave in tr..


Treatment Sealant Pre Brush Hair Salon Shielding Novex Embelleze 400ml

Sealant treatment Pre Brush Hair Shielding Novex Salon with Brazilian Keratin Leave In the etching c..

9.81€ 10.90€

BC Color Freeze - Full Control Cream CC Cream Thermal Protector (150ml)

Color Full Control cream Freeze Cream Thermal Protector DC Schwarzkopf Professional nourishes and pr..


BC Fibre Force Keratin - Conditioner Spray for extremely damaged hair (150ml)

Fibreforce spray spray conditioner for extremely damaged hair from Schwarzkopf Professional enriched..


BC Oil Miracle Rose - Schwarzkopf Restorative Figo in India and Restorative Keratin Treatment (100ml)

BC Oil Restorative Miracle oil Fig of India and Restorative treatment Keratin offers a superior repa..


BC Repair Rescue - Serum Nutri Shield Repair Rescue Reversilane (56ml)

Serum Nutri Nutri Protective Shield Repair Rescue Reversilane BC of Schwarzkopf Professional Special..


BioExtratus - BioExtratus - Emulsion Magic 60 Seconds Repositor Mass Capillary

Magic 60 Seconds Construction emulsion Capillary Mass Rescue Specialiste Bioextratus is an instant c..


BioExtratus - Finisher Termoprotector Detox Detoxification (200gr)

Revitalizing Detox Detox thermal overload protector the finalizer Bioextratus Specialiste is a finis..


BioExtratus - Liquid Crystal Noni Plus Frizzy Hair Pintados (60ml)

Noni Liquid Crystal Plus Antifrizz hair painted special Bioextratus is a glow without rinse antifriz..


Dual Stylers - Loreal Professional - Liss & Pump Cream gel Volume Dramatic (150ml)

Liss & Pump Up Dual Tecniart gel Cream Stylers Dramatic Volume of Loreal Professional is a blow-..

13.11€ 14.90€

Dual Stylers - Loreal Professional - Swing Cream Smoothing Volume controlled (150ml)

Dual Stylers by Tecniart Sleek and Smoothing Cream Volume controlled Swing Loreal Professional is a ..

13.11€ 14.90€

Excellium - Schwarzkopf - Cream Balm Leave In Excellium hair white or gray Q10 (150ml)

Cream Balm Leave In white or grey Hair special Excellium Q10 Pearl BC of Schwarzkopf Professional is..


Expert - Loreal Professional - Expert - Loreal Professional - Brushing Cream Rebuilder and Protector Absolut Repair Lipidium (125ml)

Brushing cream Reconstructor and Absolut Repair Lipidium the Loreal professional blow-dry cream Reco..


Expert - Loreal Professional - Color Spray 10 in 1 Multipurpose Improvement (190ml)

Spray Color 10 in 1 Serie Expert Loreal Profissional de Aperfeiçoamento Multiusos é um spray finaliz..


Expert - Loreal Professional - double Serum Liss Unlimited SOS smoothing unruly hair in 4 days (30ml)

Double serum Liss Unlimited of Loreal Professional hair straightening in 4 days SOS rebel hair don't..


Expert - Loreal Professional -Serum Double damaged Tips Sealant (30ml)

Double serum for Loreal Professional Sealant is a damaged BEA double sealing split ends in damaged h..


Fio Restore - Restore wire Defrizante Leave in Damaged Hair (300ml)

Restore Defrizzer wire Leave in chemically treated or Damaged Hair with hydrolyzed keratin, progress..


Loreal - Siren Waves Waves Holywood Tecniart Elasto Definition Cream (150ml)

Siren Waves Tecniart Waves of Holywood Loreal Professional Elasto definition Cream is a cream curls ..


Max Keratin Reconstructor Novex Super Concentrate Hydrolyzed Keratin

Max Keratin Reconstructor Super concentrated Keratin Novex Hydrolyzed the Embelleze is a product tha..


Novex - Coconut Mask Oil Slick Perfect and Absolute Nutrition 1Kg

Novex Coconut oil Smooth Mask Perfect and absolute Nutrition Embelleze is a ultraprofundo treatment ..


Novex Finisher Gold Light 60 ml

Treatment of nutrition that deeply moisturizes the hair , giving a shimmering golden look and lastin..


Novex Novex Silicone UV protection Extra brightness and Zero Frizz (35ml)

Silicone UV protection and Novex Zero Frizz seals the cuticle of wires leaving it more shiny, strong..


Novex Ojon Oil Serum Nutrire with UV protection 60 ml

Ojon oil Serum Nutrire Novex of Embelleze with UV protection is a high-impact restore serum enriched..


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