Payment Methods

-Paypal (Available for all countries that TN Cosmetics do shippings)
By choosing this method of payment, PayPal will direct for the next steps. 
Once the data is entered and the payment is completed, you will go back to the main page of TN Cosmetics and after that you will receive an email confirmation of the order.
-Bank Transfer (Only Available for Portugal)
The products are sent to after good collection.
Please download the full amount of the order for the IBAN indicated in the order confirmation email.
Send then to slip the email
Atm/PayShop Reference (LusoPay) (Only Available for portugal and for orders above 35€)
As soon as I finish the purchase is automatically generated in a reference system and an entity with the order amount to be able to make the payment at the ATM or online banking.
 This references is available at the end of the purchase and is also sent automatically by email.
Then as soon as we receive the payment confirmation, we will follow up the preparation and submission of the order.
The products are sent to after good collection.

Thank you