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Andreia - Antiseptic Materials

Antiseptic Andrea materials is an antiseptic solution suitable for disinfection of tools and accesso..


Andreia - Anti- Callosity cream (250ml)

Anti-cream Calluses Advincula with sweet almond oil is a product particularly indicated for roughnes..


Andreia - Antiseptic Body

Antiseptic Andreia Body is an antiseptic solution which, due to their delicate composition (water an..


Andreia - Antiseptic feet

Antiseptic Feet Andreia is an antiseptic solution specific to hygiene of the feet. Due to the m..


Andreia - Disinfectant BIO- VIRU

Disinfectant BIO-VIRU Andrea, infection control and biosecurity are topics of great importance to th..


Andreia - Foot Bath (500ml)

Footbath Andrea is a solution enriched with Lactic Acid and coconut oil derivatives with deodorant a..


Andreia - Spray sore feet (250ml)

Doridoscom foot spray Menthol Andrea is enriched with menthol, Triclosan and BHT provides quick reli..


Cash 5 Toothpicks packages to stanch the blood

5 box of toothpicks packets to stanch the blood has a price especila for professionals and resale, i..


Gel Ultra Sound 5kg transparent conductor

Ultrasounds gels 5 kg crystal transparent conductor to a very special economic price for resale and ..


Plastic Feet with cream Sneakers BalbCare Emollient 6 in 1

Plastics for the Feet with BalbCare Shoes 6:00 pm 1 Softener cream; Professional softener, anti..


Plastic gloves with emollient cream BalbCare 6 in 1 Manicure

Plastic gloves with BalbCare Emollient Cream 1 6:00 pm for Manicure: Professional softener, anti-ger..


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