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Andreia - Remains Wax Remover material , floor and clothes (250ml)

Remains of wax Remover material, floor and Andrea easily removes wax residue in Foundrymen, floor an..


Bank Manicure with Class Cup

Manicure with Class Cup Bank with two drawers and a glass. The markets the best Glow bath equip..


Esterelizador Germicidal UV lamp for brushes , scissors and combs

Germicidal UV lamp for autoclave brushes, scissors and combs special for hairdressers...


Gutter Cleaning Recliner

Recliner Washing trough...


Hair Removal Machine Roll on Double

Roll on Waxing machine, Modular-based Duo 2 more epilators 50WAdditional product informationBenefits..


Marchioness of Aesthetics Professional Portable Ambar

Marchioness of portable professional Aesthetic Ambar, is a Marchioness of professional aesthetics wi..


Marquesa Aesthetics Portable Basic

Marquise Portable Basic Aesthetics, this Marquise de portable Basic aesthetic is ideal if you are lo..


Marquesa Professional Pearl

Marquise Pearl Professional 770 cm, height 1830 cm wide, and 30 kg in weight. This Marquise de ..


Pot Paraffin

Paraffin pot her Aesthetic and Hairdressing shop Glitter bath...


Professional drill Thirty thousand revolutions per minute

Professional 30000 RPM drill perfita to remove gel, is adaptable to manicure and pedicure...


Vaporizer Facial Ozone 750W

Ozone Facial vaporizer 750W...


Bench Wooden Laptop

Portable Wood Bank measures 47 cm, 37 cm and 49 cm. The markets the best Glow bath equipment an..


Cleaner Professional Nail German Origin

Professional vacuum cleaner of German origin ensures clean and protects you and your customers of th..


Court chair Barber Cadiz

Cutting Chair Barber Cadiz is a Barber cut Chair swivel, with drop foot. The Chair Barber cutti..


Crystals Esterelizador

Autoclave of crystals to pliers and scissors...


Drill with 35000rpm pedal

Drill with 35 000 revolutions Pro pedal, this professional drill 35 000 revolutions is adapted for u..


Epilator Professional Roll on

Epilator hair removal Machine of hot Roll Professional on practice and accessible is great for profe..


Gel Ultra Sound 5kg transparent conductor

Ultrasounds gels 5 kg crystal transparent conductor to a very special economic price for resale and ..


Hair Removal Machine Roll on Triple

Roll on Waxing machine, Modular Base Triple 3 more epilators 50WAdditional product informationBenefi..


LED oven Professional German Origin

LED German Professional oven is a revolution within light appliances. This LED German Professio..


Loreal Professional - Professional Steam Pod of Loreal Professional Smoothing board Vapor continue with tank

Steam professional Pod Loreal Professional Straightening Steam plate with tank for hairdressing salo..


Machine Roll On Professional based and thermostat

Roll On Professional machine based and thermostat, produced in Italy this machine Roll On the basis ..


Marquesa Aesthetics Portable Rose B solution

Marquise Pink Laptop B Aesthetic solution is designed for anyone who wants a solution still on low c..


Olympia Court Chair

Chair of Court Olympia has 565 cm wide, 600 cm deep and 950 cm maximum height and 930 cm minimum hei..


Oven UV lamps 4

UV 4 oven Lamps Promotion limited to existing Stock.Additional product informationColorSilver ..


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