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Andreia Professional - Cuticle Oil Cuticle Oil Marula Extreme Care

Cuticle oil Marula Cuticle Oil Extreme Care Advincula Professional is a cuticle oil with marula oil ..


GL Nails - Nail Polish Top Coat Speed ​​Dryer 60 Seconds Fixer Varnish

Varnish Top Coat Speed Dryer 60 Seconds Nail Polish Fixer GL Nails, dries quickly and prolongs the d..


Andreia Professional - Macadamia Oil Cuticle Oil cuticles Extreme Care

Macadamia Cuticle cuticle Oil Extreme Care Andrea Professional is a cuticle oil with macadamia oils ..


Andreia Professional - Oil Protector Extreme Care

Extreme Care Protective Oil protective oil Andrea Professional is a specific product indicated for d..


Andreia Professional - Softener Cuticle Pen

Cuticle softener pen Randa quick apply, with refills. Softens and moisturizes the cuticles (All..


Andreia Professional - Varnish Brightness

Andreia Gloss varnish which acts as a finisher for the varnish, providing you with greater durabilit..


Andreia Professional - Varnish Avocado VITAMIN Base

Andreia Vitamin Base varnish Avocado is a varnish base with avocado oil for badly treated and damage..


Andreia Professional - Varnish Base Coat Fortifying

Base Coat varnish Fortifier Andrea Professional is a varnish base composed of keratin, arginine, tea..


Andreia Professional - Varnish Base with Proteins

Andreia base with protective Proteins shown to protect the nails of any aggression of its decoration..


Andreia Professional - Varnish Base with Vitamins

Andreia base Meter with avocado oil especially recommended for nails badly treated and damaged by da..


Andreia Professional - Varnish Cuticle Remover

Andreia Quitacuticulas varnish specially formulated to aid in the removal of cuticles and avoid spik..


Andreia Professional - Varnish with Calcium

Andreia Calcium varnish with camphor and Rico in calcium, acts against the fragility, giving immedia..


Flormar - Calcium Base

Strengthener Gel calcium Calcium Booster of the Flormar which avoids deformation of the surface of t..


Flormar - Hardening Base

Cure Nail Hardener base of the Flormar, hardener asset that strengthens the nails helping the same g..


Flormar - Nourishing Treatment Nail Oil

Repairing oil treatment for nails and cuticles of the Flormar is a revitalizing oil, feeder and repa..


Flormar - Treatment Base 4 in 1 Flormar

True Color Treatment base 4 in 1 Complete Care of the Flormar is a preventive treatment with magnesi..


Flormar - Treatment Good Bye Cuticles Cuticle Remover

Good Bye treatment Cuticles Cuticle Remover of the Flormar allowing soften and remove cuticles. ..


Flormar - Varnish finalizing Top Fluo

Varnish Finish Top of Fluo is a transparent varnish Flormar that is applied over a color so that it ..


Flormar - Varnish Treatment In Bite Non biting nails

Unisex Treatment varnish In Bite not to nail-biting of the Flormar, composed of a spicy wax prevents..


GL Nails - Finisher Effect Gel No UV Fast Dry

Finalizer Gel Effect without UV Fast Dry GL Nails is a quick drying Volumizer shine that gives the n..


GL Nails - Innovative Finisher Manicure Traditional doubles the length Varnish pass the UV

Innovative Traditional Manicure finalizer doubles the Duration of varnish to pass the UV Oven GL Nai..


Hardener treatment Cure Express Peggy Sage

Hardener Cure Express treatment of Peggy Sage. The Hardener Cure treatment Express of Peggy Sage is ..


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