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D' Orleac - Spray Drying to varnish

Spray drying Of varnish for Orleac that helps to dry Nail Polish faster without leaving your nails d..


GL Nails - Nail Polish Top Coat Speed ​​Dryer 60 Seconds Fixer Varnish

Varnish Top Coat Speed Dryer 60 Seconds Nail Polish Fixer GL Nails, dries quickly and prolongs the d..


Top Coat Gel Pure Diamond Effect Secant and Extra Brightness

Pure Diamond Gel top Coat Drying Effect and Extra Brightness perfect for finishing of any varnish, s..


GL Nails - Finisher Effect Gel No UV Fast Dry

Finalizer Gel Effect without UV Fast Dry GL Nails is a quick drying Volumizer shine that gives the n..


GL Nails - Innovative Finisher Manicure Traditional doubles the length Varnish pass the UV

Innovative Traditional Manicure finalizer doubles the Duration of varnish to pass the UV Oven GL Nai..


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